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The Racker Triangles

Trio Tip Shaper

About Us

EBA Partnership

The Racker and EBA have partnered up for 3 years starting in 2018. What does this mean?

During the 3 year period, the EBA will be using The Racker Triangles during all of their events. This not only means that the players in the EBA get to use the most advanced English Pool triangle to date, it also means we are now able to open new opportunities as we work directly with the EBA. From this we are able to keep designing, manufacturing and improving products for the players.

IPA Partnership

The Racker and the IPA have teamed up in a partnership deal for 2 years. This will run from the year 2018 – 2020.

We ow a huge thank you to the IPA for being the first affiliated organisation to accept The Racker triangles into there fantastic group. From this we have grown as a company which has opened new opportunities.

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