Snooker Ball Marker


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The Racker Snooker Ball Marker is a precision-engineered tool designed for use in snooker games. It has been manufactured with high tolerances of just ± 0.2mm to ensure accuracy and consistency in its performance. The width of the ball marker is designed to be as close as possible to the object balls, which makes it useful when determining if the cue ball can pass through a gap.

The product features the words “Heads” or “Tales,” which is a convenient alternative to using coins in determining the first player to break. The design of this feature is intended to prevent damage to the cloth and provide a more professional and convenient way of deciding who breaks first. The product is not intended to be thrown, but instead, it is meant to be pulled out of a pocket in a closed fist while the other player chooses either “Heads” or “Tales.”

The Racker Snooker Ball Marker is a durable and reliable product that will enhance your snooker game experience. Its precision engineering and thoughtful design make it a must-have for serious snooker players who value accuracy, consistency, and convenience.


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